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Validating xml file with xsd validating xml string

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A template is a reusable list of components (segments, fields, and properties/constants) that can be included by a record, segment or other template.The following example illustrates some of the ways a template can be used: configurations bound to the bean.Thrown when a record does not match any record definition configured in the mapping file.If the stream layout does not strictly enforce record sequencing, further reads from the input stream are likely to be successful.When field trimming is enabled, , all validations are performed after the field's text has first been trimmed.Field validations are ignored when writing to an output stream.

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For example, the following mapping file might be used to validate our orders file. This section provides further details for using Bean IO to marshall and unmarshall Java objects to and from XML formatted streams.

Bean IO uses a streaming XML (St AX) parser to read and write XML, and will never hold more than the minimum amount of XML in memory needed to marshall or unmarshall a single bean object.

That said, it is still possible to run out of memory (heap space) with poorly designed XML documents and/or misconfigured mapping files.

For example, if the name of the root element in the previous example's employee file is changed from "employee File" to "employees", and "title" was renamed "position", the mapping file could be updated as shown below.

attribute on any mapping component (stream, group, record, segment or field).