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Thanks, Matt Matt wrote: Jeffrey, Though I original thought that this would work, I have since realized that the Row Validation event does not trigger at a time which makes it feasible to stop a user from leaving a row when there is theoretically invalid data in the record.
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Could they be needing a firmware update outside of IBM systems? These drives have been sold in the aftermarket for upgrades inside Macs or in external drive enclosures, or in RAID systems.

I am unsure that the ISO will boot from a USB drive. These firmware updates often go unnoticed by Mac users and Mac managers.The company says the updated firmware will come gratis to all "original devices" (hear that Androids?), while all new Go Flex drives are expected to ship with it on board. As Seagate does not warrant the data on your drive, in addition to regular back-ups, your data should be backed up, if possible, before upgrading the drive firmware.In bygone Power PC days, Macs couldn't perform this firmware update.Now that Macs have Intel processors, this isn't a problem.