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I myself lack confidence when meeting new people so we are in the same boat if this is you.
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11/18/1012 developed rectal abscess that required surgery.During surgery fistula was discovered but no attempt was made to repair. The test did not uncover fistula in spite of persistent symptoms.

My biggest fear is it happening in front of a pupil (I work at a school) and word getting round that I'm the farty woman who runs the school shop! I'm seeing the Dr on Monday (despite our lovely NHS in the UK it's a b!

i am 27, no children, only mildy sexually active (once a month) and this happens mostly at night when i am laying in bed. I thought it started because I started sleeping with a pillow between my legs. My gyn told me it was yeast, and the antifungals (one oral, tube of cream topical) killed the pain during sed. The fact that the gas is odorless, on top of the fact that it occurs when people are motionless. leads me to believe that this air buildup is coming from within our own bodies, not pushed there externally, and not leaking from our rectum (because it would smell). Especially since i recently found out that yeast can present itself without itchiness. So glad I've found this thread - please God some medical person will see this thread and really investigate this problem.

Have you guys all tried to get tested for yeast infections? They may need to give you an oral medication, so that it can work internally, rather than a topical cream, because that seems to work best externally at the opening. I have terrible vaginal gas have had 2 episodes of it happening in company - at work!

She does annual pap smear, however, she didn't visualize deformity and brushed it off.

I also brushed it off trusting that she knew what she was talking about.