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Dating women with large breast

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If he told me that when we just started dating though, before he ever saw my chest, I might not have trusted his statements :) My point is, keep your statements to what is true, to what can be true based on experience.

You may very well in time be able to tell her that you think her chest looks great, but you can't do that BEFORE you really mean it, if that makes sense.

While they look different, I have minimal scarring that is not visible unless you look hard under my breasts, and I still have my own nipples.

They do look a bit different than natural breasts of course as they natural breasts, and they are different than MY natural breasts, but they are identifiable as breasts and I am pleased with their shape and appearance.

I am afraid that I'll say the wrong thing or do something that might hurt her feelings.

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As for wanting to let her know that you find her attractive, well, just be honest and let her know? It's hard for example to say the feel of them won't bother you, until you know what they feel like, right?

And I have always felt loved, appreciated, and accepted by him.

He has never seen the flaws I have seen for example.

And I have never doubted it when he has told me I am beautiful, or that he loves me and thinks I am attractive for far more than what is on my chest.

I trust him when he says that, because we have a developed relationship.