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Updating security procedures

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Many security strategies have been developed in a haphazard way and have failed to actually secure assets and to meet a customer's primary goals for security.

Breaking down the process of security design into the following steps will help you effectively plan and execute a security strategy: Chapter 2 covered steps 1 through 3 in detail.

Developing security strategies that can protect all parts of a complicated network while having a limited effect on ease of use and performance is one of the most important and difficult tasks related to network design.

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A is a high-level document that proposes what an organization is going to do to meet security requirements.

Tradeoffs must be made between security goals and goals for affordability, usability, performance, and availability.

Also, security adds to the amount of management work because user login IDs, passwords, and audit logs must be maintained. Security features such as packet filters and data encryption consume CPU power and memory on hosts, routers, and servers.

Chapter 12, "Testing Your Network Design," addresses Step 11.

Chapter 2 discussed gathering information on a customer's goals for network security.